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We are LOUD NOISE; a production team consisting of Evan Lee and Ash Daws, who have been creating music together for over 12 years. Together we have worked with some of Australia's best up-and-coming Artists, with Production and Songwriting credits for the likes of Polaris, Deez Nuts, Young Lions, The Brave, Aburden, Chasing Ghosts, BLKLST, The Beautiful Monument, Windwaker, Inertia, and many more. LOUD NOISE works with Artists to help realize their full potential, bring their artistic vision to fruition, and create music together that is far and beyond their wildest dreams and expectations. 


With our own fully equipped studio "The Loud Noise Estate", LOUD NOISE has the facilities and capabilities to work with Artists from the first inception of an idea, through the entire production and recording process; becoming pseudo "members" of each band they work with.


If you or your band is ready to take that next step in your career, and want to partner with an exciting and experienced production team to level up your sound, then contact us HERE today!

Ash and Evan



Thanks for submitting!We'll be in touch soon.

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