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"Working with Evan and Ash is an absolutely amazing experience! They have always helped push the direction of my music in ways I could have never imagined! Highly recommend this studio it provides a comfortable safe space for the artistic mind."



"The Loud Noise Estate took us the next level. Evan & Ash care so much about the music their artists make and it shows in the final result. We're so excited to show the world what we made and we will 100% be back to work together again in the future. Extremely Grateful 🖤"



"We absolutely love working with Ash and Evan from The Loud Noise Estate, bringing our songs to another level, Their producing and song writing skills are incredible and inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves possible!"


The Valiants

"Ash and Evan worked tirelessly to bring our vision to life for our soon to be released EP. Between the two of them, they have enough experience, technical know-how, and creativity to spruce up anything from fast faced indie rock, to slow and moody ballads. We cannot recommend The Loud Noise Estate enough, and will definitely be using their services again in the future."

kite vendor.jpeg

Kite Vendor

"It was a privilege to get to work with Ash and Evan on our single at TLNE. With their collective experience and knowledge, they were able to coax the best out of our song writing and performances to delivered a track we were really happy with! Super nice guys with an awesome studio setup and a very efficient production."


The Weight of Silence

"These boys are absolute champions. Always such a friendly environment and insanely talented producers. Our record with them turned out better than we ever could of expected, they put in the extra effort and we cannot wait to get back in the studio with the Loud Noise boys 💪🏻"


Danger Den

"Working with Ash and Evan not only took our demo to the next level and exceeded our expectations, but it was also an enjoyable experience! We have learnt a lot in just three days of working with them and we are looking forward to working with them again in the near future!"



"The best recording experience we have ever had. Ash and Evan took our song to the next level and we couldn't be happier. They provide everything you need from equipment, a great working area and they even give free Tetris lessons. If you're looking for a space to record, look no further than THE LOUD NOISE ESTATE"

catholic guilt.jpeg

Catholic Guilt

"Ash and Evan are an absolute dream to work with. Their combined musical nous helped us to realise the full potential of our songs, and their production skills resulted in two world class sounding EPs. One of the primary differences to other studios we've been in is how comfortable we felt immediately in their presence, resulting in sessions that while sometimes necessarily lengthy, are always fun, inviting, encouraging and conjure the best performances."



"Out of this world professionalism, without sacrificing great vibes. Perfect balance of a great work atmosphere and a fun environment. Ash and Evan are also absolute geniuses. If your band is after recordings that are of the utmost finest quality, with high amounts of attention to detail for the finest margins to push your recordings from great to perfection, look no further than these guys."


Van Berg

"Ash and Evan are both legends that made our time in the studio a blast and also resulted in a product we love. We were blown away by their professionalism, talent and determination to realise our vision for the song. It was a great environment to share ideas, with their input really shaping the final version of the track. We've already arranged to return for the remainder of our EP, we would recommend other artists do the same."


Excuse For An Exit

Still one of the best experiences of my life! Infinitely grateful to Ash and Evan at The Loud Noise Estate for changing my life for the better ❤️❤️❤️



"Goodwood has now recorded three songs at The Loud Noise Estate, and the end result has been worth every cent every time. Using their own musical experience, Ash and Ev creatively work with the band to improve the songs in many ways from instrumentation to structure, while also being lenient enough to rely on the bands taste of what the song should sound like! They kill it everytime and we are beyond grateful of what they are helping this band become."

Vending Machine Repairmen

"Working with Ash and Ev at The Loud Noise Estate was an absolute thrill and we can’t wait to do it again! We just finished our first single, recorded over three days including pre-production. The guys were really chill making it super easy for our first time in a real studio. The studio dogs were the highlight, being very respectful and friendly to all of us, giving everyone hugs. The whole band learnt a lot from Ash and Ev, things that we’ll remember forever and will help us with a careers going forwards. Super happy with how the song turned out, cant recommend The Loud Noise Estate more"

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