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Refferal Program Terms and Conditions

  • - For every Artist/Band you refer to The Loud Noise Estate with the above code, you will earn 10% of the total price of their first project, to put towards your next full-priced project (eg. If they book a $2,000 single, you will get a $200 credit)

  • - The code above also provides the Band/Artist you are referring to a 10% discount off their first project, so use that as another way to entice them to book in at The Loud Noise Estate.

  • - There is no limit to how many Bands/Artists you can refer (as a band or as individuals), and there is no limit to how much credit you can use at one time (eg. If you have $2000 credit, you can use it all in one hit)

  • Referred Bands/Artists must be new clients to the studio, and if they have previously received either a quote or attended a meeting with The Loud Noise Estate, they are not eligible to use the voucher (and thus you are not eligible for credit)

  • - Referred Bands/Artists must present and use their 10% voucher for you to receive the credit (as it is tracked through the voucher)

  • - Credit is only valid for 12 months from the starting date of the referred Band/Artists starting date, and bookings for Credit use are subject to availability (so the sooner you book, the better).

  • - You will only receive credit once the Band/Artist has paid in full, and your current total credit will be displayed above.

  • - The Loud Noise Estate has the discretion as to which Bands/Artists they choose to work with; having a voucher does not mean they a guaranteed to be able to secure a booking. 

  • - The Loud Noise Estate has the right to discontinue the referral program at any time (and for any reason), however, they will continue to honour the accrued Credits for the following 12 months.

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